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Snappy Burger: New Vegas Concept Serves Burgers and Sci-Fi

A new movie theatre experience

Big news, Vegas movie buffs- a new drive-in movie theater is now open! The new spot opened up shop near US 95 & Decatur on the city’s northwest side.

Unlike other drive-in movie theaters, Snappy Burger is completely unique. It specializes in retro cartoons as well as sci-fi and scary movies that will have you screaming in your car. Even better, the joint is the whole package: good films, delicious food, and ultimate fun for your family.

According to Nicholas Garcia, the spot offers the 50s and 60s drive-in experience that people crave. Instead of typical movies, the spot shows short flicks and cartoons that never make it to regular theaters. The establishment seeks to celebrate short, retro films and is the perfect callback to Area 51 (it was originally called Burger 51).

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, the theater offers a safe environment to have quality entertainment, alone or with family. You can grab a freshly-grilled burger and classic popcorn, park, and enjoy the movie. The place follows social distancing guidelines, yet it’s the ideal place to hang out. Just relax in your car and chat with whomever you brought along.

Snappy Burger presents several shows for free which play daily on repeat. Sci-fi and cartoons when the sun is up, and when night falls, slasher films are the next items on the menu. If you are not up for full-length films that may consume your time, you can drop by during lunch hour with your family and enjoy two short films in less than an hour.

Snappy Burger gives you an atypical movie theatre experience. 

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