Everyone in Raider Nation knows that we are probably in for a long season, but just how bad will it be and what are the chances of making some money off the games this season?

The Las Vegas Raiders are entering the 2020 season with a lot of what-ifs and blatant unknowns. In fact, with no preseason taking place this year due to Covid-19 and the Las Vegas Raiders being a bottom-tiered team now, it's hard to know where the guys are going to stand odds-wise. 

Of course, you can look at the current odds on ESPN.COM, and we will go over those in a minute, but one must remember how many unknowns we are again heading into this season. In all honesty, between Derek Carr still not being able to score when it matters, Josh Jacobs being still very much in a learning phase, and a defense that blows key leads, there are no real safe bets now. 

Now that doesn't mean that Carr can't finally put up the numbers that ultimately take his team to the postseason or that the defense is going to blow key leads. It just means that people looking to get in on the action with the Las Vegas Raiders game this season need to be ready to take some big losses. 

ESPN.com has the Las Vegas Raiders at 13/1 odds of winning their division, 30/1 odds of winning the Superbowl, and an over-under of 7.5. As for their odds of making the playoffs, they currently stand at yes +200 and no –240. For comparison, their division rival, the Kansas City Chiefs stand at 4/1 odds of making the Superbowl and 2/1 odds of winning their division. 

Of course, that is all dependent on whether Patrick Mahones can stay healthy or not and if their defense came come up clutch like last season, but the Raiders will be waiting in the wings if they aren't. Interestingly enough, the Raiders have the second-best odds in their division.

The Raiders can win their division, but it's going to take the Chiefs making several key mistakes to make that happen. They are also going to have to be able to hold off the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers in division play, which is easier said than done. If they do manage to do this, however, they stand a chance at winning The AFC West.