Las Vegas native Kyle Busch is one of the most polarizing NASCAR drivers in Cup Series history. His career can be defined by these three things.

1. The Good: His dominance

The Good: His dominance

Dominance. That's the word that best describes Kyle Busch as a NASCAR driver, and it has led him to over 200 victories across the sport's top three series. Between all of those glowing accomplishments and his record of 16 consecutive seasons with a victory, just two seasons short of Richard Petty, it's safe to say that the best thing about Busch's career is his ability to dominate.

Of course, his performance isn't exactly what it used to be, especially since he has an average finish this season of 13.5, but he isn't too far off the pace. In the end, Busch might not be the super consistent entity that he used to be, but he still could very well limp into a championship on luck. That's how Jimmie Johnson won his seventh and last championship in 2015, and he is still regarded as one of the best drivers in history. 

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