Visit Moapa Valley’s Annual Corn maze that features a pumpkin patch, haunted corn maze, and zombie paintball!

2. Attractions


One of the most popular attractions is the corn maze. You can navigate your way through this life-sized puzzle during the day or at night when it transforms into a haunted corn maze! There are three different maze paths to choose from: hard, easy, and the haunted maze. The Haunted Maze is dark, filled with fog, strobe lights, and features scary characters that may pop out at any time!

Zombie Paintball is another crowd-pleaser. Pile into a school bus and go for a ride to take down some zombies! You’ll be given the guns and plenty of ammo. 

Other thrilling attractions include the Haunted Hayride and The Shriek Shack (the haunted barn). 

Not everything here is scary. There’s also a pumpkin patch full of corn, melons, and of course, pumpkins! You can handpick and purchase any that you like. There’s also plenty of games and rides like pedal carts, the cow train, and swings for younger kids to enjoy.  

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