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The 35 Cinema

The 35 Cinema

The Sci-Fi Center and its movie-centric neighbors are about to get a new companion:  The 35 Cinema. Created by John Lohmann and operated by Shane Bingham and actress Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm Street series, Star Trek: The Next Generation), The 35 Cinema is the latest to embrace the golden era of movie-going.

While large cinema chains are trying to outdo one another with technology, The 35 Cinema takes the opposite approach. It's the only theater of its kind in the world that presents classic titles in their original format. That means they're actually on film reels, the way they were created and meant to be seen. Shunning digital technology to embrace the past, The 35 Cinemas uses vintage 35-millimeter projectors to blast the image onto silver screens, just like in the "old days". 

After a successful trial run at downtown's NEONOPOLIS, Lohmann and the team determined that there was enough interest to turn The 35 Cinema into a full-scale multiplex.  Plans are underway to construct a three-screen theater in the shadow of The Stratosphere's tower. Hollywood-style searchlights will beckon fans to the new location, which has launched an Indiegogo campaign. It offers perks like movie posters, date-night screenings, celebrity autographs, and private showings for you with the stars of their respective films. Sheer bliss for fans.  

You can stay updated on The 35 Cinema's reopening by visiting their Facebook page or Instagram Page

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