The Las Vegas Golden Knights season is about to start and there are a lot of things fans need to know before the first puck drops.

2. Moving on from Marc-Andre Fleury

Moving on from Marc-Andre Fleury

It's no secret that the Las Vegas Golden Knight's decision to trade Marc-Andre Fleury to the Blackhawks was unpopular, but what does it mean for the organization's future? Will Robin Lehner and his backup be able to carry the load left by the reigning Vezina Trophy winner? Although Lehner has had a few good seasons with the Knights, especially during their playoff runs in the past two years, it was a result of him being able to rely on Fleury when he needed rest.

Lehner and Laurent Brossoit will now be tasked with filling in the void left by Fleury, and it looks like that might prove to be an uphill battle.  It will also depend on how well Brossoit can handle the net in Lehner's absence. If he stumbles, it could leave the Knights vulnerable to being blown out by more formidable competitors.

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