Tons of local coffee shops are popping up all over downtown Las Vegas. Here are just a few that serve great coffee, are aesthetically pleasing, and have the perfect atmosphere to get some work done or enjoy a coffee date.

1. Golden Fog Coffee

Golden Fog Coffee “Today’s Smile is Proudly Sponsored by Golden Fog Coffee” featuring a vanilla iced latte. Taken by Lauren Hyde

Golden Fog, located in Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District, serves coffee, tea, and pastries. Their tea menu is quite extensive, so if you’re a tea lover, this is definitely a spot you should check out! Coffee lovers will be satisfied with the selection too. Choose from espresso, americano, lattes, cold brew, and suggestions from their friendly staff. They also offer plant-based and vegan-friendly options. The shop is bright and open with lots of seating, white walls, wood accents, and a colorful wall (pictured above) that’s perfect for an Instagram worthy shot of your coffee.

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