The hot new Madden game is dropping in a couple of short weeks and you're probably dying to know which Las Vegas Raiders players you will be utilizing the most this season. Read on for more about who to play as, how to play as them, and some of the key ways these players can help you win games.

2. Trent Brown 87

Trent Brown 87

One sack. That is all Trent Brown allowed on Derek Carr in 300 pass-blocking attempts last season, which makes him more than deserving of his 87 overall Madden rating. While he isn’t ranked as high as Incognito or Hudson, he is someone that is able to guard the quarterback and stop them from taking game losing sacks. 

If nothing else, Brown’s rating should allow players a few extra key seconds in the pocket and maybe even a chance at those long yardage plays. Of course, this doesn't mean Brown will be able to come up clutch every time, but he will certainly be a guy you want blocking for you during key moments. 


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