The Las Vegas Raiders defeated defending Super Bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Field. These are the five plays that sealed the Chiefs' fate.

2. 5 -ard pass to Darren Wallner

5 -ard pass to Darren Wallner

What do you do when the Chiefs drive down the field and score on you again? Unfortunately for the Raiders, that was the situation they were forced to deal with after getting themselves back into the game just a drive earlier. What made the situation even worse, though, was that the Chiefs managed to score in seven plays. 

With that being said, however, Carr and company managed to get the ball back and got to work on getting the game back in reach. This eventually resulted in a 5-yard touchdown pass from Carr to Wallner, and the Raiders were once again in range of the Chiefs. They would still need some help on defense, though, to win the game.