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Planet 13 Offering Cannabis Delivery 24/7

Planet 13 announced that on Legal cannabis statewide will be available by delivery only. In response to overwhelming customer demand, Planet 13 has significantly expanded its delivery capabilities, moving from five to eight delivery vehicles, all of which are now running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Company expects to add an additional seven vehicles to its delivery fleet over the next several days. Planet 13 offers delivery to Las Vegas and all other municipalities in the greater Las Vegas Valley.

“We have one of the largest delivery platforms in Nevada and will be expanding it to ensure continuity of service to the greater Las Vegas Valley residents. As one of the few companies with an existing delivery program, we have a responsibility to our community to pick up the slack as other dispensaries close,” said Larry Scheffler and Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Planet 13.  

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