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Khabib Will End Conor McGregor's Life In 2nd Round, Says Fabricio Werdum

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Will End Conor’s Life In 2nd Round

… Says Fabricio Werdum

9/26/2018 10:40 AM PDT

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Fabricio Werdum is doubling down on his prediction that Khabib will MURDER Conor in the Octagon … and now the ex-UFC heavyweight champ is telling TMZ Sports the round it’ll happen!!

Remember … just days after the Conor-Khabib fight became official — Werdum told us that McGregor had no freakin’ chance to win the bout.

“I think Khabib will kill Conor McGregor,” Fabricio told us … “For sure.”

When we got Fabricio out at LAX this week … he told us his opinion hasn’t changed one bit.

“Khabib, I think he will kill him,” Werdum says.

In fact … Werdum’s only giving Conor a few minutes in the Octagon with Khabib before the ref has to stop the fight — telling us it’ll be OVER in the 2nd round!!!

Fight’s all set for next Saturday in Vegas … somebody tell the tombstone inscriber.

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