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Khabib Blasts Conor McGregor, I'm Gonna Embarrass You!


Rips Conor

I’m Gonna Embarrass You!

9/20/2018 7:33 AM PDT


Khabib Nurmagomedov has landed in New York — and says he’s not worried about Conor McGregor going crazy at today’s press conference … Khabib’s focused on going crazy on Oct. 6!!

The UFC superstar admits he’s tired from the long flight to the U.S. but insists he’s in fighting shape and ready to destroy Conor when they do battle at UFC 229 in Vegas. 

“I’m gonna make him tired and make him look bad,” Khabib says  … “This is my plan. He cannot fight all 25 minutes. Maybe he think he can knock me out, we will see.”

Khabib has previously told TMZ Sports he believes Conor is a “tap machine” — and it’s clear he wants to wear down the Irishman and put that machine to work. 

The Pride of Dagestan also sounded off on USADA — claiming the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is “#1 Bulls**t” for reducing Jon Jones‘ suspension. 

“USADA give my friends 2 years. 2 years. Their first time,” Khabib says … “Okay, what about Jon Jones? Second time problem and they give him one and half year!”

“And … you know … I think I think it’s very bad. I think it’s very bad.”

Khabib also praises his friend Daniel Cormier for being a clean fighter — and “the greatest champion inside the cage and outside the cage.”

But, as for Jones …

“Hey Jon Jones is great fighter, you know. He’s very good fighter you know, but if you talk about rules, everybody has to follow rules.”

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